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This image is the official logo of the U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank Study. The original was developed by Peter Wiebe and the Graphic Arts Department at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

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For more information about research and conditions in and around the
Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank, check out some of these sites:

The Darling Marine Center
Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
New England Aquarium Home Page
Regional Association for Research on the Gulf of Maine
National Buoy Data Center Education Page

More detailed information on Georges Bank and other buoys and land-based stations are also available at the

National Data Buoy Center Home Page

or go directly to the Northeast Regional Map

To go directly to current, recent, and archived data from particular buoys:

The Gulf of Maine Buoy | The Portland Buoy | The Georges Bank Buoy

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  • Satellite-tracked Drifters: Following water (and plankton) movements.
  • MOCNESS: Multi-level underwater net sampling system for collecting plankton.
  • Plankton Research: How plankton are stored and studied on board.
  • Conductivity, Temperature, Depth Testing: Obtaining water samples to determine conductivity, temperature, and depth.

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